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crime thriller fiction
LG Thomson
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The Dark Times

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thrillers with attitude

Crime Thrillers

BOYLE'S LAW and BOILING POINT are twisting, noir crime thrillers set in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. The books revolve around a deadly duo - Stella Valentine and her lover, Charlie Boyle. Trouble is, Stella is married to Frank, a senior police officer.

Rippling with dark humour, Boyle's Law and its sequel, Boiling Point, are page-turning reads, but with lust,
murder, and a diamond heist in the picture, prepare yourself for a view of the Scottish Highlands you
won't see on any glossy calendar.

There’s more gallows humour and plenty of twists and turns in EROSION when ten people are stranded on a remote Scottish island. Tension soon escalates and it’s
not long before ten become nine.

Each New Morn

A rogue prion disease, nicknamed Falling Down Flu, has wiped out most of the world's population. Some survivors have been infected by a secondary disease. Aggressive and erratic, they become known as Screamers.
They are not the only enemy.

Chrissie is alone in a city where death stalks the streets.
To survive, she must escape. In a remote village, a small group of survivors has banded together. Shaw, their reluctant leader, is troubled and resents the
responsibility heaped upon him.

Violent mobs rule the streets. Gangs of raiders swarm through the countryside. Pests and parasites thrive, and the worst winter in decades is about to descend. A book about tomorrow for the world we live in today.

The New Dark

The world has entered a new Dark Age. There is no internet, no infrastructure, no government, and nature is biting back. The Before times have gone; food is scarce, and the world is a hostile place where things
are not always as they seem.

Sorrel’s home is destroyed by a gang of marauding mutants who snatch her brother, Eli, and her boyfriend, David. She sets out after them, embarking on a journey fraught with danger, spurred on by the thought of them out there somewhere, desperate for help.

In The New Dark, The New Dawn, and The New Day
we follow Sorrel on her quest in a world where survival depends on the kindness of strangers, and close
friends make the bitterest of enemies.

thrillers with attitude


"Boyle's Law - a belter of a noir novel. The pace is relentless from start to finish.
Easily on par with the best Scottish crime novels." - John Gerard Fagan, author of Fish Town

COMING SOON: Modernist Dreams Brutalist Nightmares

crime thriller fiction
Published by Outcast Press
Autumn 2022

A raw and brutally honest account of growing up in Scotland's most experimental New Town.

reviews for books by LG Thomson on Amazon

  • crime thriller fiction

    "A fantastic writer"

    "LG Thomson is a fantastic writer. The prose is effortless and tight and not a word is wasted. I raced through this book."****
    crime thriller fiction

    "Read this!"

    "Quite simply the best Tartan-Noir I have ever read....and I've read a lot of crime fiction - Scottish and otherwise."*****

  • crime thriller fiction

    "Top notch Tartan Noir"

    "A great read, with a few genuinely heart-stopping moments, cool twists and great characters. Enjoyed it from start to finish."*****
    crime thriller fiction

    "Addictive story"

    "The gritty, gruesome and witty writing and vividly drawn characters make this a book you'll be driven to devour in big, meaty chunks."*****
  • crime thriller fiction

    "Easily recommended"

    "Never pulling its punches, 'Each New Morn' is a gripping read with all the ingredients in place for a cult movie one day."*****
    crime thriller fiction

    "Twists and turns"

    "Couldn't put it down, fast-paced, and right to the end wondering who was going to be left standing."*****

Available from: Ullapool Bookshop | The Ceilidh Place Bookshop, Ullapool,
FISK Gallery, Achiltibuie | Forse of Nature, Latheron, Caithness | Online retailers.