post apocalyptic fiction

post apocalyptic

survival thriller

post apocalyptic fiction post apocalyptic fiction
broken down
post apocalyptic fiction

The old rules

do not apply

post apocalyptic fiction post apocalyptic fiction
the worst winter in decades
survival fiction
New Morn
survival fiction

thrillers with attitude

post apocalyptic

"Couldn't put it down" *****
"What a cracking read." *****
"An edge of your seat story right from the start." *****

A prion disease, nicknamed Falling Down Flu, has wiped out most of the world's population. Some survivors have been infected by a secondary disease. Aggressive and erratic, they become known as Screamers.

They are not the only enemy. Society has broken down. Raiders roam the countryside. Pests and parasites thrive. The worst winter in decades is about to descend.

survival thriller

Survivor, Chrissie Cunningham, is alone in the post apocalyptic city of Dundee. Death stalks the streets. To stay alive, Chrissie must escape the city.

In a remote village in the Highlands of Scotland, a small group of survivors has banded together. Shaw, their reluctant leader, is a troubled man. He loathes the village and resents the responsibility heaped upon him.

With jealousy, rivalry and conflict within the group, the survivors pose as much danger to each other as external threats. But who will survive EACH NEW MORN?

set in scotland

LG Thomson's THRILLERS WITH ATTITUDE are set in Scotland. Each book uses real locations, from Dundee on the east coast, to tiny hamlets in the north west.

Famous landmarks like Loch Ness and Culloden feature alongside lesser-known corners of Scotland, such as Garve and Ardmair. This strong sense of place gives her books a distinctive flavour

EACH NEW MORN, BOYLE'S LAW and EROSION are available from bookshops in Ullapool and online in ebook and paperback formats from Amazon.

each new morn


A post apocalyptic survival thriller set in Scotland
Available now from bookshops in Ullapool, Nairn, and Kylesku, and online from Amazon

new thriller with attitude out now

survival fiction
a thriller with attitude

CHARLIE BOYLE is a cop with a weakness for women. Trouble is, this time he's fallen for Stella Valentine. News which won't go down well with her husband, Frank. The three of them make up a deadly triangle, with none of the players used to letting anything or anyone stand in their way. Laced with black humour, BOYLE'S LAW is a page-turning crime thriller set in Scotland. But with a diamond heist as well as lust and murder to contend with, be prepared for a view of the Scottish Highlands you won't get on any glossy calendar.

set in scotland - some locations used in EACH NEW MORN

  • survival fiction


    "The Kingsway was haphazardly strewn with stationary vehicles. Some abandoned, others with drivers strapped inside, bodies slumped."
    dystopian fiction


    "...feed for livestock that was most likely deadstock.  Washing hung limply from a line in a cottage garden.  Toys scattered on the overgrown grass beneath it."

  • dystopian fiction


    "Excited by the prospect of leaving the village behind, the group prepared for their exodus.  They filled their fuel tanks with red diesel..."
    dystopian fiction


    "Ardmair... another dead hamlet.  They drove by a line of holiday homes, hollow sentinels looking over the pebble beach, empty save for a pair of oystercatchers."
  • dystopian fiction


    "Shaw peered through the rifle sight at collapsed roofs, blackened buildings broken windows.  Looked like there had been a riot."
    dystopian fiction

    central belt

    "Running across the waist of Scotland, the central belt contained the highest density of population in the country.  More people, more danger. "

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