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Thrillers With Attitude

LG Thomson's Thrillers With Attitude are gripping books with recurring themes of lust, betrayal, and survival.

Noir crime thrillers, BOYLE'S LAW and BOILING POINT, are rippled through with dark humour. EACH NEW MORN is an edge-of-your-seat post apocalyptic tale of survival. Psychological thriller, EROSION, is a contemporary take on classic suspense.

Set in Scotland, her pacy books have a distinctive flavour, with fascinating characters and plots which twist and turn right to the end.

Apocalypse Soon

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Featured in Season One of The Walking Dead, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, USA, exists in real life. Their Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response has issued guidelines on preparing for a zombie pandemic. Advice is available on all aspects of survival from shelter, food and water to medication, sanitation and evacuation routes. They figure if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you are prepared for anything.


Protect and Survive

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Referenced by Chrissie in EACH NEW MORN, Protect and Survive was a pamphlet produced by the British Government in 1980. It contained guidelines on preparing for and surviving a nuclear attack. Citizens were instructed to plan a fall-out room with an inner refuge in their home, which could be constructed out of doors and bags of sand or clothing. Anyone unlucky enough to be caught outside in the event of an attack was advised to lie face-down in a ditch.

Protect and Survive Film

What's Up Doc?

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Man cannot live by rabbit alone. Over-consumption of lean meat such as rabbit, combined with a lack of nutrients from other sources (typically occurring when vegetation is under snow) can lead to a full belly and death by starvation. The Hudson Bay Company recorded cases of trappers dying of starvation despite eating their fill of easily caught rabbit. Symptoms of rabbit starvation include diarrhoea, low blood pressure and heart rate, headache and tiredness.

How to avoid rabbit starvation

between the lines

what's in a name?

The village Shaw comes from in EACH NEW MORN is the same village vandalised at the start of BOYLE'S LAW. Named Kelnamara in Each New Morn, it is a fictionalised version of a real village on the north west coast of Sutherland. The name Kelnamara is a corruption of the Gaelic, Ceol na Mara, meaning music of the sea.


When people said they'd had nightmares after reading EACH NEW MORN, LG Thomson took it as a compliment. Her own nightmare scenes from the book were those involving cockroaches. Whilst admiring their innate ability to survive destructive forces up to and including decapitation, they give her the shudders.


In 2013, LG Thomson graduated from The Zombie Instiutute For Theoretical Studies with a First Class Honours Degree in Zombie Science 1Z. Supported by the Wellcome Trust and University of Glasgow, the ZITS zombie lectures are grounded in real science. The Institute's Dr. Austin has a walk-on part in Each New Morn.

prion disease

In EACH NEW MORN, the pandemic is nicknamed Falling Down Flu. In fact the cause of death is not a virus, but a prion disease. A real-life example of prion disease is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. Commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, in the 1990s BSE jumped from infected cows into humans.

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